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Capital Campaign Surpasses Goal!The new Multi-purpose Recreation Building.

Camp Blue Diamond is in the midst of the 'Upon This Firm Foundation' capital campaign. A goal of $650,000 for four building projects was established. As of June 2019, CBD has reached $675,000 in pledges for the projects and an additional $52,500 pledged toward the Reserve for Replacement Fund.

The major projects are:

    • Multi-purpose/Recreation Building: The Multi-purpose Building will have a large single room suitable for rainy day recreation for summer camp, outdoor school and retreat groups. Other features will include a kitchen, men's, women's and family bathrooms, and a fireplace big enough for large group campfires. It will be located between the Main Lodge and the Nature Center. Other large group activities like the Heritage Fair Auction, District Conference, and dinners could be held in the facility. If you scroll down to the bottom of the Capital Campaign Q & A section of this webpage you can check out the floorplan for this building. Cost will be approximately $350,000. (Construction to begin in 2021.)

    • Office Renovation: The former Shop Building will be renovated to include a reception area, a large workroom, offices for the Executive and Program Directors, and a bathroom. To the right is a floorplan for the Office renovation. Cost will be approximately $70,000. CBD Office Renovation Floorplan(Construction begins March 2019)

    • Family Campground Washhouse: A new central washhouse with restrooms, showers and laundry facilities will replace the two existing smaller ones. Below and to the right is a floorplan for the Family Campground Washhouse. Cost for this project will be about $60,000. (construction to begin in 2020).

    • New electrical and water lines will replace the existing ones in the Family Campground. Cost will be about $140,000. (Project completed May 2018)

    • Reserve for Replacement Fund: A fund for maintenance and building needs will be established so the Camp Blue Diamond facility will remain in good repair, and future building needs can benefit new generations. Specific gifts designated by givers will go toward this fund. Extra gifts beyond the $650,000 goal not used for the building projects will go into this fund.

    Fundraising occurred between late 2016 and 2018. Church visits occurred in 2017. If you have questions concerning the Capital Campaign or the projects, or would like to make a gift, contact Camp Blue Diamond.
    Floorplan for the new Family Campground washhouse.




    Answers to CBD Capital Campaign Questions:

    Who is leading this campaign?

    A Capital Campaign Committee has been composed of former and current Camp Board of Directors members and camp friends. Camp Blue Diamond’s Executive Co-Directors, Dean and Jerri Heiser Wenger, camp’s Program Director, Brian Bert, and consultant John Miller are also on this team.

    Is it a good time to do a capital campaign?
    The best time to raise money is when you ‘need’ it to meet present demands, and to grow for the future. The increasing usage of CBD and the strong commitment of donors and churches indicate that this is the right time.

    How will CBD deal with the increased cost of operation associated with facility growth?
    The board of directors has determined that anticipated revenue from growth and increased usage of programs, rentals and the family campground will cover the cost of operating and maintaining the new buildings and improvements. The establishment of a ‘Reserve for Replacement Fund’ will also assist with the long-term maintenance of all camp facilities.

    Who will control how revenues from the ‘Reserve for Replacement Fund’ will be used?
    The Camp Board of Directors will annually decide and direct how interest from the fund will be spent for maintenance and facility needs. With board approval Camp Blue Diamond may borrow from the fund’s principal for building and maintenance projects. Amounts borrowed from the principal must be paid back in full to the fund within a specified time period. The Reserve For Replacement Fund will be managed by a professional asset management team, and will be audited each year by the district audit committee.

    How should I determine the amount of my gift?    
    No one person can presume to tell you what to give. We hope you will give based on your interest in the mission and ministry of Camp Blue Diamond, its long-standing commitment to providing ministry opportunities to all age groups as well as the financial resources available to you.

    Can I give in memory of someone?
    Yes. Any size gift may be in memory or in honor of someone. For gifts of a share ($2,000) or more, your gift and tribute can be acknowledged on the Donors Plaque if you wish.

    Will other donors be publicly acknowledged? 
    Gifts of all sizes are needed for the success of the campaign. Gifts of a share ($2,000) or more can be acknowledged on the Donors Plaque if you wish. Gifts can remain anonymous. The Donors Plaque will reflect different levels of giving. It is the Camp Board’s way of acknowledging and thanking those who gave major contributions.

    Will there be naming opportunities?
    Camp Blue Diamond does not have a history of naming facilities after large contributors; rather, facilities at CBD have simple names, or historical names that reflect our Brethren heritage. However, if a contributor underwrites the entire or a majority cost of a facility, and desires the facility be named in honor of someone, the Capital Campaign Committee and Camp Board will seriously consider the offer.       

    What is the recommended commitment period?
    Donors can choose to give over a sixty month (five year) or shorter period. These gifts can be spread over six tax years.

    Why are multi-year financial commitments so important?
    By spreading giving over several years most donors will be able to give more than originally thought possible. A gift of a $2,000 share comes to $400 a year when spread over sixty months, or about $33 a month - about $1 a day. These small amounts add up to a larger substantial gift that will have a real impact.  Larger gifts will have an even greater impact.

    Can I give stock to fulfill my commitment?
    Yes, you may. Transferring stock, mutual funds or other appreciated assets normally receive advantageous treatment for federal tax purposes. Please consult your financial advisor and the Camp Blue Diamond office regarding the best way to make these transfers.

    Floorplan for the new CBD Multi-purpose Recreation Building.