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Climbing Tower & Swing!

CBD has a thirty-five foot high Climbing Tower, complete with zip-line and a Giant Swing. During Summer Camp the giant swing is open to Juniors (grades 3 -5) and older campers who wish to participate. The tower and zip-line are open to campers in Jr. High and Youth age camps who wish to participate. Junior Adventure campers also do the tower and zip-line. Overnight rental groups may contract with the camp to use the tower and swing (minimum 8 people).

The climbing tower has five different climbing surfaces and a zip line. One side is slanted for younger climbers, one side is vertical, one side has two different knockouts (for more advanced climbers), and one side has a rope lattice. Once a climber reaches the top, he/she can rapell down or ride the zip line.

Located nearby in the woods is the Giant Swing. The giant swing is a series of cables strung between two trees. One person is harnessed into the swing, while the group pulls him/her forward. The person is then released, and then swings back and forth through the air.

The climbing tower is a valuable asset to Camp Blue Diamond’s facilities. The tower provides opportunities for campers and retreat participants to have a thrilling and difficult, self-confidence building, challenge. But even more importantly, tower activities require great cooperative group effort, which leads to team and relationship building. Such group and individual challenges also create personal faith building, and opportunities for discussion on faith and our relationship with God. 

A camper attempts to climb over the bump out!



 A Youth Camper on his way up the Cargo Net!