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Financial Aid

There are three distinct types of financial aid available to summer camp campers, and over 80% of summer campers take advantage of this aid. They are discounts, church stipends and scholarships. Because of rules that govern how CBD can give out scholarships, families cannot get both scholarships and a Sibling Discounts, but any other combination of discounts, stipends and scholarships works. Check out the information below to see if you qualify for a discount, stipend or scholarship. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact CBD or call (814) 667-2355.

Summer Camp Discounts!
Early Bird Discount - Everyone who registers in January or February qualifies for an Early Bird Discount - It's Automatic - It's built into the fee !!! - So Don't Wait, Or It Will Be Too Late! Rates go up starting March 1st.

Multiple Siblings Discount - If there are two or more children attending CBD summer camps from one family, and you are not asking for a scholarship, the family may request an additional $25 discount for each child attending a week-long camp, a $15 discount off Pioneer or Caving Camp, or a $10 discount off Tenderfoot or Kiddie Camp. One Sibling Discount per child per summer. Sorry - no Sibling Discounts for Family or CIT Camp. The Sibling Discount comes off the family's portion of the fee - not the churches. That's extra good for you! Register before March 1st, and your family could get both the Early Bird Discount rates and the Multiple Sibling Discount!

CIT Camp Discount - Any senior high age youth, grades 9-12, who is attending CIT (Counselor-In-Training) Camp, and signing up for a regular weeklong senior high camp (Youth Camp, Bike & Raft Camp, Advanced OLS or Yough Adventure) may deduct half of their total fee off the CIT Camp fee.



Church of the Brethren &
American Baptist Stipends!

If you attend a Middle PA District Church of the Brethren or Central PA Association American Baptist congregation your church will typically pay 1/2 or more of the fee. Check with your Camp Representative or Pastor to find out how much your church pays, or Contact CBD - we'll let you know. Some churches not associated with Brethren or American Baptist will pay part of the fee too. (Ask; it doesn't hurt to try.) Stipends can be combined with discounts or scholarships. Your church will be billed at the end of the summer for their portion of your fee.


The CBD Youth Scholarship Fund is available for those with greater need. Camp has a huge fund and wants to help. You don’t have to be Brethren or Baptist. Aid is based on family income. If your family income is less than $60,000, you probably qualify for a scholarship. Complete the Scholarship page of the Registration Form to compute your scholarship and see the minimum amount your family needs to pay. Only school age campers qualify for scholarships. Scholarships are not given for Kiddie or Family Camps, or adults attending Bike & Raft Adventure. One scholarship per camper per summer. If a camper signs up for more than one camp, the scholarship applies to the least expensive camp.

If you are asking for a scholarship you cannot do online registration. Mail your completed Registration Form, with its Scholarship page to: Camp Blue Diamond, P.O. Box 240, Petersburg, PA 16669. If your scholarship is turned down, your deposit will be returned.