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To help you with the registration process, please read through the information below. To register you can print off the Registration Form and mail/email it to camp, or Register Online.

Camps Closed for 2019:
Wild OLS - Closed 1/24/19
Jr. Adventure 1 - Closed 3/6/19
Jr. Adventure 2 - Closed 3/6/19
Cooking Camp - Closed 3/6/19
Caving Camp - Closed 3/16/19
Kiddie Weekend - Closed 4/15/19
Yough Adventure - Cancelled 5/2/19
Junior Camp 1 - Closed 5/11/19
Jr. High Camp 1 - Closed 5/11/19


Online Registration
Registration Form

1. Online Registration: This is the easiest and quickest way to register. Complete all required fields and provide your credit/debit card information before submitting your online registration. Your credit/debit card will not be charged until CBD has made sure your camp is open. You may only register online if you are paying your entire balance (after deducting your church's portion and Sibling Discounts), and not requesting a scholarship.

2. Registration Form: The Registration Form includes the Scholarship Application and Health History Form. Anyone signing up for camp can fill out the Registration Form, but those applying for scholarship aid or asking for extended payments, must use this form, and not the online one. After completing the Registration page (page 1), the Scholarship page if requesting aid (page 2), and the Health History (pages 3 and 4), mail or email the completed Registration Form to camp.

If emailing the Registration Form, payment must be made by credit/debit card (Visa, MC, Discover or American Express).

If mailing the Registration Form, payment may be made by check, money order, or credit/debit card. Mail to:

Summer Camp Registration
Camp Blue Diamond
P.O. Box 240
Petersburg, PA 16669

3. Grade level refers to the grade the child is in during the '18-'19 schoolyear - his/her current grade level.

4. If listing a Cabin-mate Request, list only one person. This person needs to request your child on his/her form too.
Requests made less than one week prior to a camp cannot be honored, since campers have already been assigned.

5. All registration is on a first come/first served basis. Registrations are processed in the camp office on the day they are received, if payment is made. When a camp is filled it is closed. There are no waiting lists.

6. If possible, please list a 2nd choice camp, especially if the camper is registering for a trip, adventure or OLS camp. These camps have limited capacities and usually fill. A 2nd choice camp will only be used if the 1st choice camp is full.

7. Discounts:
Early Bird Discount - If you register in January or February you qualify for an Early Bird Discount. You get CBD's best rate automatically.

Multiple Siblings - If there are two or more children attending CBD summer camp from one family, and you are not asking for a scholarship, the family may request a $25 discount for each child attending a week-long camp, a $15 discount off Pioneer or Caving Camp, a $10 discount off Tenderfoot or Kiddie Camp. The whole discount comes off the family's portion of the fee - not the churches. One Sibling Discount per child per summer. Sorry - The Sibling Discount cannot be used for Family Camp or CIT Camp.

8. Scholarships:  
If requesting scholarship aid, the Scholarship Application page of the Registration Form must be completed. Scholarships are based solely on income level. To see if you qualify, check out the Scholarship Application page of the Registration Form. Families may not request both scholarship aid and the Multiple Siblings Discount. For more information on scholarship aid, visit the Scholarship Info webpage.

9. Church Stipends:
If your church is paying a portion of the fee, do not pay their portion. The church will be automatically billed by CBD after you have attended camp. Families requesting Sibling Discount or scholarships can also receive a church stipend.
Note to Churches: You will be billed for your campers in July, after the children have been to camp. Churches - Please wait for this invoice before paying.

10. Extended Payments:
Parents may request to make extended payments. To do this: Check the appropriate box on the Registration Form and mail in a deposit of at least $25/camper. Parents will receive a bill for the balance due. Parents will need to make payments in the period leading up to the camp. Payment must be made in full by the beginning date of camp.
Any Family may request extended payments.

11.Upon receipt by Camp Blue Diamond of your registration and payment, a confirmation packet will be emailed (or sent by mail if requested) within one week. If you do not receive this confirmation packet within one week, please contact CBD immediately. You are probably not registered.

12. Cancellation & Refund Policy:
Cancellation less than one week prior - No Refund
Cancellation one week to one month prior - Refund  less $50. 

Cancellation more than one month prior - Refund less $25. 
Cancellation of a specialty camp (Caving, Jr. Adv., Yough, Bike & OLS camps) closed because of full enrollment - No Refund

13. Smoking, vaping, smoking and vaping paraphernalia , illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, pets and weapons are strictly prohibited. Campers violating this rule will be sent home immediately. There is no refund if you are sent home early, or if you choose to leave camp early. Other policies pertaining to Summer Camp will be included in the Camper Confirmation Packet. 

If you have questions concerning summer camp, registration, or payment options? Contact CBD at

Camp Blue Diamond

P.O. Box 240
Petersburg, PA 16669
(814) 667-2355  or email.