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Scholarship Instructions:


1. If requesting financial aid, the Scholarship Application page of the Registration Form must be completed. It must be mailed or emailed to Camp Blue Diamond along with the rest of the completed Registration Form.

2. Financial Aid is based on a family's income and the number of children attending CBD summer camp. Consult the tables on the Scholarship Application page of the Summer Camp Registration Form, to see if you qualify. If your request is approved, you will be notified in your camper confirmation materials. If your request is met partially or denied, you will be contacted by the camp office with details. If your request is met partially or denied, your can choose to have your deposit returned.

3. Parents must pay at least the minimum fee that applies to them according to the Scholarship Application tables. Parents are encouraged to pay more than this minimum if they are able. If you have questions concerning the tables, please contact camp or call (814) 667-2355, and ask for Dean.

4. If mailing the forms to Camp Blue Diamond, you can use a check, money order or credit/debit card (Visa, MC, Discover, or American Express) for payment. If emailing the forms to camp, payment by credit/debit card is needed.  

Mail forms to:
Summer Camp Registration
Camp Blue Diamond
P.O. Box 240
Petersburg, PA 16669

5. A separate Registration Form (with the scholarship page completed) must be sent for each child requesting scholarship aid.

6. Scholarships are only available for children and youth in Grades 1 - 12. Scholarships are not available for adults or anyone attending one of the Kiddie Camps or Family Camp.

7. One scholarship per child per summer.

8. Families requesting scholarships cannot request Multiple Sibling Discounts.

For questions concerning Financial Aid, Scholarships, Registration, or payment options?
Contact CBD by contact or by phone at (814) 667-2355.