Summer Camp Financial Aid


Financial Aid

Camp Blue Diamond offers ways to lower your camp fees. Everyone can save money by registering before March 1. Families with several campers can ask for a discount for each camper. Maybe your church will pay 1/2 or more of your fee. Families with incomes of less than $60,000 can ask for a scholarship. Read below for details. 

Early Bird Discount

Register in Jan. or Feb. you  automatically get CBD's best rate - The Early Bird Discount. Register in March, April or May you get CBD's regular rates. After May 31 - Late Fee - Ouch! 

Multiple Sibling Discount

Multiple Siblings - If there are two or more children attending CBD summer camp from one family, and you are not asking for a scholarship, the family may request a Sibling Discount for each camper. $25 discount for each child attending a week-long camp,  $15 discount off Pioneer or Caving Campers, $10 discount off a Tenderfoot or Kiddie Camper. The whole discount comes off the family's portion of the fee - not the churches. One Sibling Discount per child per summer. Sorry - The Sibling Discount cannot be used for Family Camp or CIT Camp. 

Scholarship Aid

If requesting scholarship aid, the Scholarship Application page of the Registration Form must be completed. Scholarships are based solely on income level. To see if you qualify, check out the Scholarship Application page of the Registration Form. Families may not request both scholarship aid and the Multiple Siblings Discount. Families cannot register online if requesting a scholarship. 

Church Stipend

If your church is paying a portion of the fee, do not pay their portion. The church will be automatically billed by CBD after you have attended camp. Families requesting Sibling Discount or scholarship aid can also receive a church stipend. 

Note to Churches: You will be billed for your campers in July, after the children have been to camp. Churches - Please wait for this invoice before paying. 

Extended Payments

Parents may request to make extended payments. To do this: Check the appropriate box on the Registration Form and mail in a deposit of at least $25/camper. Parents will receive a bill for the balance due. Parents will need to make payments in the period leading up to the camp. Payment must be made in full by the beginning date of camp. Any Family may request extended payments, but you have to fill out the Registration Form (not online registration) and check the box. 

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Got questions about financial aid or summer camp. Call the CBD Office or send us an email.

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