CIT Camp - Reg. Starts Jan. 1


CIT Camp: $67

June 6 - 7

Grades 9,10&11

CIT (Counselor In Training) camp is a requirement for any youth wishing to serve as a first time Counselor-in-Training. Come strengthen your leadership skills, learn how to lead Bible sessions and develop listening and conflict resolution skills.

After a youth successfully completes CIT Camp, he/she will be invited back to serve as a Counselor-In-Training for a Tenderfoot, Pioneer or Junior Camp. Older CIT's are often invited to serve with a Jr. High age camp. 

Any youth signing up as a camper for both CIT Camp and a Senior High Camp (Youth Camp, Yough Adventure or Advanced OLS) will receive half off CIT Camp. CIT camp begins Saturday at 9 a.m. and ends Sunday at 6 p.m. 

Summer Camp Registration Form

You can register online above, or print off and complete this Summer Camp Registration Form.  

2020 CBD Summer Reg. Form (pdf)