Recreation Options

Tower & Zipline


CBD has a thirty-five foot high Climbing Tower with a zip-line. Jr. High and Youth age summer campers can climb the tower and zip down. Rental groups may contract to use the tower and swing (minimum 8 people, $15/person).

Giant Swing


The Giant Swing is a series of cables strung between two trees. One person is harnessed into the swing, while the group pulls him/her forward. The person is then released, and then swings back and forth through the air. 

Initiatives Course


The Initiative Course is a series of 10 activities designed for groups of 8-12 members. Larger groups can be split up. The purpose of the course is to promote cooperation and group building. Cost is $25 for groups of less than 25, $50 for larger groups.  

Ballcourt & Gaga Pit


Main Lodge and Hemlock guests may use the nearby Gaga Pit, ballcourt and playground. Rising Sun, Lakeside and Campground guests can use the campground ballcourt or the beach volleyball. 

Swimming, Canoeing, Fishing


Swimming, Canoeing & Fishing are available to guests. There is a $10 - $20/hr. charge depending on group size. No charge for catch-and-release fishing. Small family and adult only groups can swim/canoe without charge.  

Hiking, Biking and More


CBD is surrounded by State Forest Land. Forest Roads are great for mountain biking, and there are hiking trails too. Hunting in season is allowed within State Forest boundaries.